Breadth of the Elements is a top-down strategy game utilizing area of effect abilities from the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. You play a band of elementalists who've come together to put an end to the wars between the four elemental nations. An all inclusive group, your team is lead by Avaeus, a powerful, idealistic elementalist who has learned to use all four elements in his attacks. His team members have followed his example and many of them are capable of utilizing multiple elemental attacks as well. The team's exploits are followed in chapters. During and between chapters, other elementalists and non-elementalists alike may seek to join your team, however, if a team member dies during battle, they will be gone for good! So play wisely.

Downriver is a 3D whitewater kayaking game I'd love to develop. This is just a sandbox for modeling the flow of water and possibly more using Babylonjs. I'd love to find a team that could help me develop this game. I envision the game doing for the sport of whitewater kayaking what 1080 Snowboarding did for its sport. I'd like to have many features in the game including different modes of play (slalom racing, downriver racing, freestly kayaking). As well as a feature allowing players to create their own little rivers/rapids. I'd also like to model a couple of the classic whitewater runs out there, or at least the major rapids on those runs.

Fractus is a book of fairy-tales of which I have roughly 250 pages written. Before it was a book, it was a large text based game written in Java. Now, I intend to finish the book and the text based game but this time the text game will work straight over the web and hopefully will be one day extended into full 3D. As a book the story of a fantasy world comes in chapters following specific characters. Over the course of 200 years you find out how things like magic work within this world, as well as the lay of the land, the politics, and the fantastic creatures. In the text game version each of those 200 years will be represented by an hour of gameplay. You will control one of the story-line characters or create one of your own and your actions will determine the course of history. It will be served from your home computer and you will have control over the world you serve up to the internet as though a god. The game will be so in depth that I don't expect it to be complete for a very long time.

Stick Vaulter is a game for those who have loved pole vaulting in the past or have always wanted to try but never had the chance or were too timid to take up such a daring sport. The game is going to be pretty simple at first, being a game of timing to enable your vaulter to reach his or her greatest heights. As the game develops I intend to allow the player to plan out a training schedule for the vaulter. I will implement an injuries system. There will be strength, stamina, speed, and dexterity attributes that rise and fall with too little training, just enough, or too much. I eventually will also have a weight attribute associated with the vaulter and force the player to choose the right grip height and pole flex before taking a vault.

Super LHC Disaster! was my first app with google. It is less a game than an interactive joke about the international lawsuit that claimed the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator might spawn a black hole and suck in the planet. It also has a slight hidden joke (more of a nerdy physics reference) embedded within the "gameplay". This is the updated threejs based version. When complete, it should work properly on chrome even on a phone as long as you have webgl enabled.

Tactician is a fantasy real-time strategy game. The Tactician chooses Encounters from the map in Exploration mode. Each Encounter has you control either 3, 5, or 7 Heroes at a time while some Encounters bring in reinforcement Heroes in the event that someone dies, from a pool of 11 or 13 total. Each Hero has any of the 13 possible Masteries, and each has their own set of Attributes that affect how that Hero's abilities function. Aside from a specific Mastery and Attributes, the Tactician can also equip the Heroes with special Artifacts acquired from different Encounters. The 13 Masteries are: Assassin, Berserker, Diabolist, Druid, Mage, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Prophet, Ranger, Reaper, Shaman, and Soldier.

The March to Oblivion was my first html5 game starting with using Phaser as the game engine. The game is a concept, closed-world game. You follow along through ten chapters of contemporary physics fantasy as beings of light energy try to stave off the encroaching darkness at the end of time. As an artistic choice, the game is in grey scale with many elements representing the fading light as the accelerating expansion of the universe marches forward. Your job is to protect what is left of your world from the shadow creatures spawning at the edge of oblivion. You will have seven characters and can control three per chapter and must juggle their health and quantum degenerative states as their patterns are damaged or their light just plain fades away into the darkness. You can collect errant photons to regenerate your light energy. You can also siphon energy from The Great Crystal, but it must not be siphoned of too much of its light energy because, as the heart of your world of light, it is central to your survival and must be kept energized.

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